The HIV/AIDS Alliance in Brighton.

If you want to give your workplace a new look, and easily introduce some interest and character, don’t be afraid to think of the walls in your offices in a different way! We tend to see them as necessary dividers, or partitions, and they usually end up painted, with perhaps a picture or two hung on them.  Instead, try imagining them as a completely blank canvas, and incorporate them into your new office design, something we’re doing right now in Brighton. We’re currently working there for the HIV/AIDS Alliance, merging two floors of the building  into one. This has involved a lot of careful space planning, and reorganising their current working setup to cater for additional staff. We have also installed a fresh new kitchen and brightened up their staff breakout area. They wanted their new combined office space to not only work efficiently and effectively, but also to feel bright and updated. It was also important to them that the space reflected their ethos, beliefs,  and what they do. To this end, they’ve given us some truly wonderful and inspiring images which we’ve used to create full wall vinyl pictures to go on some of their walls, including a beautiful blue curved wall, which looks fabulous. We’ve matched the colour scheme to blend with the photos, but the pictures really speak for themselves, and once the project is complete, will set a positive and vibrant tone for the whole office.



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A stunning new office for Itad in Hove.

We have just completed a 5 week office refurbishment in Hove, for Itad Ltd., and we, and the client couldn’t be more pleased with the finished result. Their 82 staff were previously working from 7 different floors, in 3 different buildings. They relocated everyone to one 7500 sq. ft. floor […]

August 11, 2017 0

Refurbishment & Dilapidations – Brighton.

We’ve just started another refurbishment project in Brighton, in Frederick Place, a building known well to us. This is the ‘sister’ to the building next door, where we carried out the same refurbishment project last year, and which made a huge improvement. To be able to let a property anywhere, […]

June 28, 2016 0

Some Curves for Customer Services at LBS.

Sometimes we let our Subcontractors have a little fun 🙂 At Littlehampton Book Services recently, our flooring expert, Lee, did just that. The problem was a main corridor through the Customer Services Office, which took a lot of wear and tear. Despite it having been laid fairly recently, it was […]

January 18, 2016 0

A wonderful new range of furniture from Ocee Design.

I love the furniture from Ocee Design, and their new collection, Harc, does not disappoint. This is a truly extensive collection of stunning furniture, and the lounge and informal breakout sofas and chairs are styled with low or high backs. The collection is finished with meeting height tub chairs and […]

April 16, 2015 0