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The furniture which you choose to use in your office can provide an integral part of the overall plan. You may wish to take your existing furniture with you, in which case South Downs Interiors can help you plan your new space accordingly.

However it may be that you want to purchase new desks, chairs, tables etc., and if so, we can help you with this too. We are totally independent, which means that we can recommend and show you a choice of office furniture from a range of manufacturers, to suit your tastes, and budget.

The functionality of offices is changing all the time, and your furniture needs to reflect this. Desks are getting smaller as more people now use laptops and ipads, and we have recently seen the introduction of sitting/standing desks, which can change height depending on the users requirements.

Chairs are no longer just something to sit on, and there are now many options to choose from, including ergonomic operators chairs which can be adjusted to suit a particular person, whatever their needs.

We also provide reception furniture, chairs and coffee tables, and reception desks which can incorporate a company logo if required.

The canteen of old has now become the ‘Breakout area’, and is more of a space for employees to relax. This area can combine soft seating with high and low tables, available with hidden castors for easy movement when cleaning or utilising the space in other ways, and chairs or stools.

Some clients will require a large meeting room, and we can offer you a wide choice of tables, large and small, and meeting room chairs which look stylish as well as being comfortable, a necessity when meetings can go on for a while. Have you thought of a large meeting table which separates into several smaller tables, and can be configured several ways, or stack away when not needed? If you would like to explore the relatively new idea of small pods, where staff can go for a more informal chat, we can show you various styles, sizes and colours.

Last but not least is storage, an often forgotten part of the office furniture, but a very important part nevertheless. Desks can be supplied with matching pedestals, cupboards and bookcases. However, one of our most popular ranges is now storage wall, which provides floor to ceiling space, can be customised inside to your specific requirements, can be used as partitions between areas, and keeps the office free from clutter of all kinds.

Office furniture is a necessity, and time spent planning exactly what you need will be well worth it in the long run…then all you have to decide on are the colours.

Internal fittings include:

  • • Shelves
  • • Filing cradles
  • • Pigeonhole units
  • • Sinks & fridges
  • • Coat Hooks

Storage wall can be used to form partition walls saving costs or can stand against existing walls. We provide a complete design service to ensure that your office continues to look neat and tidy throughout your time there.

We operate across the south east of the UK including Sussex, Surrey and London and can deliver and install.

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  • SDI were very helpful in discussing all the options on offer and using their experience to help decide what would fit our needs best, we were looking for a professional installation that would impress and that is what was delivered.

    Patrick Wilson – Electronics Team Leader, Kittiwake, Littlehampton

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