Office Planning – Your New Meeting Room.

The Meeting Room/Boardroom.

Many offices now require a main Meeting Room of some kind, apart from smaller rooms, and if this is the case, many decisions will have to be made at the planning stages. Below are listed some of the points which you need to consider :

  • What is the maximum amount of people likely to attend the meeting at any one time?
  • Will they need table space for paperwork?
  • Does the table need to be fixed, or would it be more useful if it could be moved around and adapted to suit different needs?
  • Will there be a projector/and or screen or television, in which case electrics and data need to be organised, and blackout screens provided at any windows?
  • Are individuals likely to be bringing their laptops to meetings, as these will need connection points?
  • Will you be needing fixed Whiteboards for presentations?
  • Is a credenza required for refreshments during the meeting?
  • Does the room need to be sound proof for confidentiality?
  • What is the specification for the furniture, ie. is this a room just for internal staff meetings or is it to be used to accommodate clients?
  • If the walls are glass partitioning, do you need blinds for privacy?
  • Are your meetings likely to be lengthy, as this will determine the type/comfort of the chair?

So much to think about, but luckily, South Downs Interiors can help you with all these decisions:) If you would like to discuss any of the above, please do call us on 02392-449642.




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