Office Dilapidations

When nearing the end of a lease on a property, the landlord will require that the property should be returned back to its original condition when the lease was first agreed, including any dilapidations work that may be required.

This may include removing partitions or offices which have been installed, replacing carpets, fixtures and fittings if worn, complete redecoration where required, and possible strip out of network, power and IT infrastructure. This is to ensure that the building is left as it was found, ready for the landlord to show to prospective new tenants.

This work can either be done by the landlord himself, or the tenants who are leaving can elect to negotiate the final Schedule of Dilapidations and have the work done themselves.

We at South Downs Interiors are able to assist with this type of work, either for the Landlord or the departing tenant. We are able to liaise with you from the moment you decide to move to new premises, offering cost-effective solutions, until the Landlord has signed off the Schedule of Dilapidations and your lease has ended.

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  • You guys were perfect, there is not a single thing that I would have changed regarding our experience with South Downs Interiors. Very easy to deal with, very prompt and very tidy work. The finished product looks fantastic!!!!

    Jonathan Malyon – Managing Director, Tilt, Brighton