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The design of an office has become much more important in recent years, the bright white and magnolia walls, that used to be the standard, are no longer used in totality as they once were, and meeting rooms and breakout areas have become more of a lounge like environment with soft and comfortable seating, and a strong use of colour.

Our aim is to work very closely with the client, discussing their needs and requirements, interpreting their ideas and putting forward a design that fulfils their criteria, but also offers an air of individuality, and company branding.

We can advise on the design and aesthetics of your office space right from the beginning of the project, and, with your help, can create a working environment that is not only comfortable and inviting, but may also increase productivity, and become an area that both client and employee will enjoy being part of. A lack of stimulation, whether visual or psychological, is associated with boredom and fatigue, and various elements can play a big part in how efficient, and happy, employees are during their working day.

We can incorporate staff breakout areas which can be utilised as an informal meeting room if required, but also allow staff time away from their desks, and offer them a change of scenery. These can have an element of a comfortable coffee bar or a more rustic café type scenario, and can include fully fitted kitchens or coffee bars and bench seating…the possibilities are endless.

An empty space can be transformed in many ways, depending on how many employees you have and how you wish the space to be divided. We can then advise on the best use, suggesting colours, carpets, window dressings, artwork, furniture and all the other elements that go into changing the space into a productive and efficient office, but with an element of your own originality and design.

From our initial discussions Sue would then produce a mood board, pulling together all that we had talked about, and the project would then develop from there, with ongoing consultation as the office plans progressed.

Whatever your requirements, and budget, we aim to work with you to provide the office that you ultimately desire, and that works for you and your company.

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  • SDI were very helpful in discussing all the options on offer and using their experience to help decide what would fit our needs best, we were looking for a professional installation that would impress and that is what was delivered.

    Patrick Wilson – Electronics Team Leader, Kittiwake, Littlehampton