A stunning new office for Itad in Hove.

We have just completed a 5 week office refurbishment in Hove, for Itad Ltd., and we, and the client couldn’t be more pleased with the finished result. Their 82 staff were previously working from 7 different floors, in 3 different buildings. They relocated everyone to one 7500 sq. ft. floor […]

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Weekend Working for The Property Ombudsman.

Sometimes a project requires that we work over a weekend, for all sorts of reasons. We are currently undergoing an office refurbishment for The Property Ombudsman, in Salisbury. They are a previous client of ours, who wanted to update their offices and change their working space from the layout which […]

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An evening with Flude Commercial in Brighton.

Dave and I were recently invited, by Flude Commercial, to attend a ‘party’ at Brighton Museum. This was being held to celebrate their 20 successful years in business.  Ed Flude & Andrew Halfacree are the founding members of Flude Commercial, a firm of Chartered Surveyors & Commercial Property Advisers, based […]

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Refurbishment & Dilapidations – Brighton.

We’ve just started another refurbishment project in Brighton, in Frederick Place, a building known well to us. This is the ‘sister’ to the building next door, where we carried out the same refurbishment project last year, and which made a huge improvement. To be able to let a property anywhere, […]

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Office Planning – Your New Meeting Room.

The Meeting Room/Boardroom. Many offices now require a main Meeting Room of some kind, apart from smaller rooms, and if this is the case, many decisions will have to be made at the planning stages. Below are listed some of the points which you need to consider : What is […]

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A new use for Flooring in Salisbury:)

Sometimes you have to ‘think outside the box’, and make use of common materials in a slightly different way. This is what we’ve just done for Castlefield Partners in Salisbury. Normally, Kahrs Linnea Oak Tide Flooring would go on the floor, but in this instance, our wonderful Lee has fitted […]

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Fabulous Feedback!

Once we have completed a project, we like to send our clients a short questionnaire, this is a chance for us to find out what we did right…and wrong! Sometimes they can be quite lengthy, but one particular client of ours, who we have dealt with on more than one […]

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First Impressions Count.

We must never underestimate the importance of a Reception Area, if your company has one of course.:) Many smaller businesses no longer have a dedicated Receptionist, and it is the job of the person sitting near the door, to meet and greet any visitors. However, if you do have an […]

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Clerkenwell Design Week 19-21 May 2015.

Clerkenwell is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, making it truly one of the most important design hubs in the world. To celebrate this rich and diverse community, Clerkenwell Design Week has created a showcase of leading UK and international […]

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